Let me just start off by saying- what a fantastic year it’s been for me (and I hope for all of you too)- where I met some incredible people, visited some incredible places, found new friends and strengthened old bonds, scratched off a start-up and built a new one- in short, it’s been a hell of a ride.

And as always, we do set some milestones in life and strangely enough, we always wait for the end of a year, or the beginning of a new one to actualize them. So screw it, I’m not going to question humanity on it’s ludicrous trade off for time and habits; instead, going to tell you about how you- dear reader- are going to stick to your resolutions. Be it quitting smoking, or training for that race, or even putting your head into the books to study for that sterling score.

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” -John Maxwell


I’m aware that this quote resonates with most of you. Failure is in fact, an idea or an afterthought that is but perceived- never quantified. One’s ability to fail is inversely proportional to one’s ability to learn. Therefore, failure can only be a construct of the lack of learning.

Get it? Got it? Good.

“Don’t be afraid to crawl.” – Chris Rice


Who says that humans just one day decided to walk on twos? We evolved, we learned. And likewise learning anything for the first time is a handicap- it is but natural to burn your fingers at trying something out for the first time.

I need to tell you that it’s okay. And that you might want to head back to Quote #1 for reference on what to do next!

“Hell hath no fury like a reinstated bad habit” -Original


Please ensure that if you’re on the verge of setting a bad habit into remission, or for that matter into the void, push yourself to ensuring that it stays there.

Know that if that doesn’t happen, it’s going to come back bite you back in the rear twice as hard if not more (and no less). Kicking recurring habits is harder because you know you’ve broken that promise once before, and you may just end up doing it again. So stay at it.

That’s it from me- I’m off to travel again, and follow me on Instagram @jeevsahni for pictures/ videos about travel.

There’s a lot of exciting stuff planned for 2018 and I’m even more excited that you’re going to be a part of it!


Merry Christmas, and Happy Resolutions!







Hi there!

I’m Jeev- and this is my blog.

In a short span of under four years, I’ve grabbed the opportunity to work across industries and contribute in-depth to key leaders in the same.
My analytical mind allows me to move beyond the boundaries of my university degree, pushing to explore what lies beyond the line of sight- a skill that has been sharpened over time.

A 4x marathoner, 1x triathlete, photographer, blogger, independent investor, entrepreneur and a corporate maverick, I find myself enthused with the prospect of evolving in a career that incorporates consulting, corporate strategy and organisational restructuring at a leadership position. This blog is an expression of my sense of self and my sense of the society we live in.




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Jeev Sahni

In a short span of time, Jeev has acquired multi-industry experience at various management levels - bringing instrumental change that has shaped respective markets and organisations, constructively. Jeev's analytical mind allows him to move beyond the boundaries of his earned university degree, pushing to explore what lies beyond the line of sight- a skill that has been sharpened over time. An avid athlete, photographer, blogger, investor and corporate maverick, Jeev is enthused with the prospect of evolving in a career that incorporates corporate strategy, commercial excellence and organizational restructuring at a leadership level.

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