Stop Murdering Your Time Alive!

We’ve been there, we’ve all been there; pick up your phone to watch a video on youtube, and suddenly you realize that you’ve been doing it for over an hour; like that picture on Instagram? You’ve spent two hours just scrolling through your feed; find that meme funny? it’s 3 am now, you’ve got to be at work by 9.

Stop murdering your time alive! 

For most of us on the planet (unless you’re meta-human in which case, carry on being badass), this is our only factually known time alive. Every second we lose is time that we are never going to get back.


where  TIME = n( MONEY)


Use your time wisely, because either way, it’s not coming back.


  1. Schedule your happiness: don’t let this go! If being a beach bum makes you happy (I know it does me!) then do it. Without fail- at least once a week, make sure you visit your happy place! And make sure you absorb it all
  2. Keep a journal: What? Paper? No, thank you. It’s not convenient. This is 2017 and with Trump using his veto power (read: executive order) to slap down all of Obama’s previously initiated environmental policy (read: Executive Order 13653), saving the environment has not been more important than now. Keep notes on your phone. List three things that make you happy! (read about it here:
  3. Exercise: I cannot stress on this point enough- EXERCISE. Even if it’s for 10 minutes a day (you’re welcome, smokers!) do it. And do more of it. Coming from a former fat kid and chain smoker myself, this is a picker upper.
  4. Meditate: Now, while twin-heart meditation and tantric yoga are actually incredible, I’m not going to ask you to do the same. Start with breathing. Focus on your breath for 5 minutes a day. That is all. Notice the effect it has on your thought patterns.
  5. Call, don’t text: It’s really quite simple. You miss someone? Call them, don’t text them! Who’s asking you to spend money? Download Imo, Viber, Skype or WhatsApp- or simply Facebook video or FaceTime them, Emotions are felt, not read.

If you’re going to watch videos or write memes, learn something from them. Remember, that while money can be multiplied many many times over, we only have this one life to do what we want to. So use it well!

Thank you for checking out the post!

See you here again tomorrow.