CHANNELING YOUR FOCUS: An Insight Into Time Management

“FOCUS!” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Ever look at someone who’s been able to do so much with their lives and wonder, ‘how did they do it?’. Have you ever tried breaking down someone’s day into an hour-by-hour memo of doings and feel completely incompetent for not having to be able to do the same?

We’ve all done it- even if you disagree to it. Our very own character seeks approval and justification from the world outside for having to do anything that involves achievement tied to the same.

Instead of beginning to answer the ‘why’ I’m going to first fuel your questions by answering the ‘how’.


And to do so, will be the most important critical thing you will have ever done in your lifetime, period. And so I hope, it becomes an absolute priority for when you decide to channel your focus as it will help you achieve everything that you’ve ever wanted.

Please note- saying ‘yes’ to everything; listening to everybody on their account of what you should be doing; distracting yourself with new and upcoming content and videos on social media; note- you will lose your life and your sense of self! Don’t take this lightly- as contentment which in simple terms could be termed as happiness, will start to fade away, leading you down a very, very dark path. One day, you- dear reader- are going to wake up and say, ‘I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished what’s worth meaning to me; I don’t feel like I’m in a job that I enjoy; I don’t feel like I have a connection with my family and my friends.” It’s because your FOCUS drives EVERYTHING.

Focus doesn’t mean ‘being productive’, it means experiencing the best quality of life no matter what the circumstances! 

You hear this new movement called the mindfulness movement- about the new popularity of these conversations/ meditation/ activities that the motivation industry has been peaking on for decades. If you drill it down to the lowest level- it’s nothing more than a series of steps on how to get your focus back!

Right, let’s get to it.


Let’s learn from neuroscience, and we know from productivity studies, the more decisions we make, the more our brains become fatigued as we utilize glucose in our systems that fuels our will power ergo, affecting the decisions we would make moving forward. Glucose has a direct relation to our energy levels- where once depleted, we are exhausted, beat down and out of fuel. Though that doesn’t mean that I want you- reader- to be indecisivebut instead, I’d like for you to minimize the amount of decisions you’re making.

How do you do that? Easy.

Stop browsing: media content is the biggest distraction we’ve created for us, that stops us from engaging with the things that matter to us the most! The less you browse, the fewer decisions you have to make regarding what you want to watch next and what picture you’d want to like. Traditionally speaking, when you stop browsing and move back you move back to things that you’re focused on- guess what? You’re distracted! You start multitasking and can’t focus on the task at hand, you take frequent breaks while albeit at your desk- you become a slave to content on your phone. This is because your brain’s fatigued- and you cannot focus on the one thing at a time. Simply solution- stop browsing so much! Why? Because when you do, your brain makes so many mini decisions while still dealing with the release of dopamine, serotonin in unequal bouts, it thinks it’s rewarding itself for liking a video on child poverty or sharing something pertaining to sexual harassment and that you’re part of a global movement that stands against it. It’s a frenzy of emotions which is what makes it so addictive, and yet so fatiguing. Here’s a tip- if you want to do something about it that sees an impact- put down the phone, and actually create awareness engaging in the thing itself.



Nothing in the world has ever been accomplished without intention. It is the sole soul driver of everything we’ve ever done in existence, period! Ergo, you need to have a mission out for yourself. When a person doesn’t have a mission, that person shows up and starts doing too much! Guess what that does? BURN OUT. You burn the hell out- so quickly and so badly, that getting back up at that pedestal isn’t going to be easy, nor time efficient. How do you set that up? Easy, I’m going to let my friend Ryan Gosling spell it out for you-


Simple right? Bullshit. Here’s Ryan explaining why:


Exactly. Thank you, Ryan.

It’s not going be easy. You’re going to have to work at it everyday. But note, it’s going to be rewarding. And you’re going to fly the moment you know what you want to do that makes you the most content- as I believe, it is our very right to do the things that make us happy! Here’s what’s amazing about it- you get to decide the quality of life you want to live, the quantity of contentment you’d like to have and the kind of goals that you want to achieve! A plus is if you could get paid for it, well then even better!

“It’s easy to take your eye of the ball, especially if you don’t know what the ball is.”

– Original


This one’s a kicker, especially tied in to the points listed above. If you don’t progress, you start to lose focus. It’s a dead-end. Don’t make that mistake of having to do something that you thought you could do without having the goals defined beforehand. Because ultimately, you’re doing nothing but tending to someone else’s goals and desires- by answering emails, writing back on comments, and even posting more content! Here’s your chance to stop it all and define exactly what you want from this life, and how you’re going to make the steps to get there; while never forgetting to acknowledge how far you’ve come. By the way, progress isn’t a comparison of apples to apples if you’re comparing yourself to someone else’s achievements. You don’t know how much or how little they’ve worked to get there. Start with yourself; draw a timeline of the milestones that engaged you in life, and see how far you’ve come from each said milestone. This helps build self expectations, self worth, humility and motivation.

The funny thing is, you’ve had it in you all along. Maybe, just maybe, you had to hear it from someone else before realizing that yourself.

Right, what’re you waiting for?